If you’re ready for some dissonant mantra in 2021, check our new collab with Croatian Muka

Muka, a Croatian band with a good amount of praise in underground dissonant metal circles released their 3rd album Patologija Poniznosti (The Pathology of Humility) on January 31. Since then, the new album awaits for you on Bandcamp and almost all the streaming platforms. For the vinyl lovers, Muka has prepared a special treat in collaboration with No Profit Recordings – a limited edition vinyl release is available for orders on our Bandcamp!

Blackened death/doom quintet Muka is one of the few Croatian underground bands that fires their releases in a manner of surprise, almost mantric, at fairly regular periods of every few years.  And they never fail to surprise. Apparently quite inspired by all that 2020 has brought us, they have now rewarded us with a new mantra to hold on to – Patologija Poniznosti. New release brings 5 ​​new songs with which the band continues its evolution in an almost unique genre. The album was recorded live, with Filip Pacak responsible for the recording, mix and master. It is available for listening on their Bandcamp and almost all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Dezeer), while the limited vinyl edition is available on 12” black vinyl with the exclusive live bonus track Šonje. You can preorder your copy on No Profit Recordings Bandcamp. The planned release and beginning of the vinyl shipping is around April 10.

Edin Karabašić and Goran Tatalović on guitars, Ivan Borčić Boro on vocals, Stjepan Dianić on bass and Marin Lelas on drums once again, together crossed all boundaries of restraint, spoke in their own way about (in)humanity and brought fresh blood and pure dissonant rawness to the album, framed in by the characteristic lyricism in their native language. Now, it’s up to you to confront this feeling of anguish and indulge in Muka, mantra for the era of despair and misanthropia – or just the soundtrack for 2021 and many more years to come. You decide.