A Single Green Light, new vinyl release for sludge doom metallers Ommnus out on June 30

We are happy to announce a new collaboration as well as great addition to our release portfolio. Welcome “A Single Green Light” by sludge doom metal duo Ommnus from Detroit, Michigan! As usual, you can preorder your copy on our Bandcamp from April 2 (Bandcamp Friday).

This powerful two-part doom n’ roll machine hails from sludge/doom band Wormfoot, as well as countless other groups, Jay and Derek have been creating music together for well over a decade. While relentlessly touring the country in a multitude of outfits—that have spanned many genres—the two developed the idea of Ommnus. The initial idea was simply a project that relies on their friendship and from there creates extremely heavy music without limitation. They are successfully incorporating sounds and atmosphere of thrash, doom and rock, all well blended with unique vocals structures and thematic storytelling.

The album was recorded live and carries 8 tracks that will most likely resonate with fans of Sepultura, Helmet and Electric Wizard. Very first release of Ommnus looks through the lens of a host of characters, both historically and fictionally, in order to shine light on aspects of the human condition that most others prefer to look away from.  “A Single Green Light” via No Profit Recordings comes in 300 hand- numbered copies. A hundred of them you can choose on purple vinyl (if you hurry enough) or you can go with one of the 200 black ones. Vinyl release of the album will officially come out on June 30. Make sure to preorder your copy from April 2 by clicking No Profit Recordings Bandcamp and enjoy this more than interesting doom n’ roll experience.