Zayn for the first time on vinyl with their 2015 tour-de-force album Fields Of God

As No Profit Recordings, we always try to put a special focus to bands and albums that shaped our regional underground heavy scene. One of those (bands as well as albums) is Croatian instrumental experimental-prog band Zayn with their „Fields Of God“. The release of the 2015 tour-de-force album is set for May 28, 2021 with preorder happening on official NPR Bandcamp website.

Musically the band incorporates various genres that go from experimental noise, psychedelic rock, post-rock, prog all the way to sludge metal. In later years the band has gone through some line-up changes due to drummer departure but »Fields Of God« was recorded in the original line-up with Alen Rožman on drums, Bojan Gatalica and Marko Dragičević on guitars, and Miran Kapelac on bass.

The artwork was done by Niko Potočnjak (of Seven That Spells/Jastreb) and layout by Igor Mihovilović (the Karmakumulator).

As always, this is a limited edition release with only 200 hand-numbered copies to get your hands on. Visit No Profit Recordings Bandcamp, preorder yours and maybe even find some new heavy musical discoveries.